“Visions Anew” (open to all)


…a free weekly online devotion/discussion group

We start with prayers and reading from any holy book you wish to share, followed by a discussion about enlightenment.  This is an  opportunity for participants to engage with new perspectives, exchange ideas, and learn.  All are welcome who respect the views of other participants.



 ‘Hollow Reed’ – Relaxation/Meditation Sessions (for registered members)


Just as our body needs fresh food, our soul needs fresh energy and a divine connection to thrive. I call it “Chocolate for the Soul”. My relaxation/meditation sessions are here to assist you in making that divine connection.

When stress is allowed to build up and store in our bodies, it closes the connection between us and the Divine. Clients come to my online sessions to rid themselves of daily stress and to reconnect with Divine Energy. By doing so, one is able to refresh and rejuvenate the body to naturally heal itself.

The more open and connected we are, the more at peace we become. We will be able to more easily deal with our daily afflictions and difficulties, and enjoy a balanced life. These are not simply meditation sessions. Instead, they are geared to open your consciousness to the Divine light while you absorb the experience, as a passive receptor.

When you join my relaxation sessions, you should first try to set up a quiet, undisturbed but bright environment, and be seated comfortably. Your back and neck should be supported, as during the session you will close your eyes and totally relax your body. During the relaxation, participants allow the Divine Energy to massage their sub-conscious.

The 45 minute sessions start with an assessment of your needs, followed by 25 – 30 minutes of relaxation/meditation, and finally a few minutes to get feedback from the participants. Clients will normally participate in group sessions, however, I also offer private one-on-one sessions.  Click here to sample the meditation/relaxation portion of one of my sessions.

When not in a meditation/relaxation session, many people like to carry meditation beads with them at all times. This can help them maintain their enlightened meditative states at all hours of the day. It is also known that certain natural stones and crystal beads have healing properties, such as black tourmaline,  a powerful grounding stone.  Read more in my blog post here.

If you are interested in meditation beads, I offer a wonderful selection of prayer beads, as well as meditation necklaces and bracelets at

Once you have experienced the positive results of these relaxation/meditation sessions, be sure to share the results with your family and friends so that they also can benefit with healthier lives.

Meditation beads

Meditation – Prayer beads

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