Real freedom

Real Freedom

When we are releasing old, negative energy, since it is coming up to the surface, we might physically, or emotionally feel sick. If we feel negative about those reactions, and don’t relax, and allow those to flow out, we only push them back in and tuck them away deep in our subconscious. This can cause serious physical or emotional problems in the long run, such as Heart disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Depression or untimely death! So it’s OK to feel bad sometimes. You can visit, just don’t make that vibration your home. Make sure after you are done releasing, you raise your vibration again by listening to music,dancing, visiting with loved ones, playing with pets, or walking in nature. Relaxation/ Meditation and prayer can also help pull you back up to a higher vibration. All is as it should be. Firoozeh Bowden <3