The fanaticism of religious and political zealots from 1979 to 2020

The fanaticism of religious and political zealots from 1979 to 2020
By; Firoozeh Bowden
  During 1979 I watched the beautiful country of Iran where I was born; A country advanced in science, arts and culture at that time, gradually change and slide back into the dark ages, where superstition and dogma overruled facts and proven truth. The quality of life in Iran has been going down ever since.
  Now it feels like I am experiencing that all over again in this Beautiful and cherished country, the USA! The fanaticism of religious and political zealots is causing the current rejection of both science and common sense. Educated people seem to have put aside reason, and blindly agree with anything a so called leader says, regardless of how outrageous or ridiculous it might sound. At a time when we have the latest technology at our fingertips, some people would rather accept any notion or claim without bothering to research it for themselves.
  This time I will not stand by and allow a handful of ignorant, money hungry, Powerful thieves, drag this precious country through the mud; A country that so many have sacrificed to build. Everyday we watch an unbelievable spectacle, thinking this craziness could never actually effect our lives. As someone who has been through it, let me tell you that it will, and it already has!
  We can not be complacent, and allow a few charming, greedy bullies do whatever they wish with peoples lives and our world. True power is always with the people, and justice must prevail. Please do your research, and take action.  When the time comes, go out and VOTE! Let your voice be heard!
​Much love and light,
​Firoozeh Bowden​